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We've had real fun making these!!

Using glass blocks, more usually used in shower rooms or as room dividers, we've created a double sided ornament that will look great in your room or window.

 Each one comes with different halloween graphic on each side, a hand tied bow and a set of micro LED lights*.

*These micro LEDs look great but are not brilliantly efficient and batteries are expected to last about 24-36hr continuous light. We've searched in vain for longer lasting ones so, we include a spare set for you too (they are widely available though)

These are glass blocks so not what you'd call lightweight with the larger block weighing in at around 2.5kg. This makes sending overseas extremely expensive so currently only available in the UK


See a design you like but want it on a different product?

No Problem!

We can adapt most designs onto any of the other products we supply so just let us know what you want and we'll confirm it can be done for you.

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